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Zombie Apocalypse comming soon!

2011-12-19 23:09:39 by GhostID

Lately I haven't been in the mood for programming, but now I'm back! During Halloween, I was working on a game but got side tracked by cod and other fps games.... xD Anyways so I think you guys deserve a little spoiler... My game graphics aren't done yet, I might restart all of them over but the enemies and spawning system works. The game looks stable right now and glitch free. Here's an image of what it looks like at the moment. (Alpha 0.8.5)

So tell me... What should I do, spend more time on it than not enough and play with particle effects to make the game look great or release it sooner but take less time working on it..? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Running into huge issues. -__-

Zombie Apocalypse comming soon!


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2011-12-19 23:10:21

I think that I should spend more time... I have ideas that would make the game look nicer!!


2012-01-01 19:10:17

I think it looks great!


2012-06-22 15:35:15

Looks like it's not coming soon anymore, is it? :(

GhostID responds:

:) Maybe Ocordu will finish it if he wants. He's got all the source files :P