Java, here I come!

2012-03-07 10:41:40 by GhostID

Well I'm once again trying to move onto java. This time, unlike the other times I'm succeeding! ^-^ Flash is great for sharing projects online and making quick little games, but it's not flexible! I would like to be able to make games with my own drawing operations rather than flash doing it all for me! It's just a shame because I never posted any games yet on newgrounds... Newgrounds NEEDS to allow java games! That would be awesome!


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2012-03-12 20:41:59


How is it not flexible enough, and what do you mean by "your own drawing operations"?
Is your game engine _that_ complicated that Flash simply can't do it? I find that hard to believe.

- Ziro out.

GhostID responds:

It doesn't let you do your own drawing operations. By that I mean you cant do DIRECT calls to the graphics card. Just trust me on this, flash is not the way to go for the project I was under taking. :P I had a lot more I was going to add, but decided that if I do ever continue my project, it would be in java...


2012-03-13 21:08:42

I see...

Nonetheless, good luck, soldier.
* salutes *
- Ziro out.

GhostID responds:

Lol thanks I guess. xD
Btw I saw your game, it's pretty fun! :)


2012-03-15 21:49:33


You're welcome, and thank you for playing!

Actually, I have two games here on NG. I presume you played Laser Stryker, the obvious one. My other game is called Blast Force, and it was submitted by my sponsor. I was not yet a member of Newgrounds at the time.

Blast Force is here:

When you get your Java game completed, please send me a message, and I'll check it out.

- Ziro out.

GhostID responds:

awesome game! :) It reminds me of bomber man! xD
Sure once my game is out, I'll send you a copy! :) It's somewhat done, but I started another project with my brother. I'll continue working on my space game soon, I'm going to add a final boss, power-ups and also more enemies! Thanks for the support btw! :)


2012-06-22 15:13:24

You just don't know how to use Flash's bitmapData. Flash is a lot more powerful than you think.
But unfortunately since you can only program in 1 language for some reason, I can't even teach you :(

GhostID responds:

xD I know 8 languages! I just don't like flash anymore for a few reasons. Anyway JAVA FTW! :)

Haha btw, Java is free... Flash isn't >.<!